First Language Acquisition Poster Session 2020

You’re invited to join the students of LING 480 and LING 580 for their final poster presentations on Thursday, December 10th. Students will be sharing their semester research projects in a Zoom poster session that is open to the public. Come hear what they’ve been working on!

How to Participate

Update Zoom

Posters will be in Zoom breakout rooms, so to participate most easily, you’ll need a version of Zoom that supports choosing your own breakout room. Updating to the most recent version of Zoom is the easiest way to make sure you’re ready.

Join the Session

On December 10th at 7:30, follow this Zoom link to join the session. We’ll start with an orientation to the Zoom mechanics.


7:30-7:40 Welcome (and orientation to Zoom poster session mechanics)
7:40-8:05 Group A Posters
8:05-8:30 Group B Posters
8:30-8:55 Group C Posters
8:55-9:00 Closing
Poster titles are all available below. Abstracts can be found here [link to pdf].

Group A Posters

BR1 Nhu Tran
“My grandchildren speak my language!” Second-generation Chinese immigrant children learning and maintaining heritage language family strategies in America
BR2 Claire Zimmermann
Code switching in AAVE-speaking kindergarteners in the Hall corpus
BR3 Logan Kehoe
Accuracy in production of French gendered adjectives by children age 2 and 3 years
BR4 Ahmed Alzahrani
Personal pronoun reversals and pronoun case errors in autistic and typically developing 2 to 6 year old English-speaking children
BR5 Snezana Scatamacchia
The role of frequency and markedness in the acquisition in codas
BR6 Aram Hussein
Persian children’s most frequent word order
BR7 Kaelynn Mae Kenny
Production of /ɹ/ in onset clusters

Group B Posters

BR1 Camden Powers
Child bilingualism and time
BR2 Grace McGiffin
Hedging acquisition in English-speaking children
BR3 Sharon Freeman
Am I enough? A brief study of child adherence to the Gricean maxim of quantity
BR4 Sarah Luria
Respect and revitalization: Early Indigenous language acquisition in a post-colonial world
BR5 Isabella Boardman
Gliding liquids
BR6 Brenee Howell
The effects of older siblings on bilingual children
BR7 Dorothea Thomas
Tracking rule-derived denominal verbs in children’s language

Group C Posters

BR1 Kostas Anastasakis
Comparing the etymological makeup of juvenile and preadolescent vocabulary
BR2 Diana Mozqueda-Hernandez
Adjective phrases in bilingual children
BR3 Linh Buckley
Invariant be usage in AAVE-speaking children
BR4 Janalyn Miklas
The frequency of the sentence-final particle “ná” in Thai
BR5 Brigid McPhilamy
Vowels in Phonological Disorders
BR6 Sean Moss
The acquisition of polite verbs in Japanese children
BR7 Sawyer Kressin
Children’s comprehension of parent wh-questions